Monday, July 18, 2005


Status Report:

Me: Still in PJs, Drinking coffee, overwhelmed Unshowered, dressed, smoke-break
Baby: In highchair, enjoying some canned carrots Running amok in living room
Super Boy: Playstation, downstairs, not making a new mess. Watching TV

Where to begin? Every room in this house needs serious attention. Did I mention my mother in law will show up at random for a long visit sometime in the next two weeks? Which is great in and of itself, but it's time to crisis clean.

As I don't know where to start, I am going to pop over to Flylady. net to see what this week's Zone is....

Ah, the master bedroom. Probably the least urgent of all Zones, but since I cannot decide for myself where to begin. I will start here. Maybe can get it done today. I did make several attempts last week to move my desk up there (as baby likes to get into it and it's just another mess waiting to happen.)

So my goals today:

Make bed (with my yummy new duvet that matches nothing else in the room) Done, in a half-assed sort of way
Put Clothes away. Done except for laundry downstairs
Move the rest of the desk in.
Put desk together (save sorting and organizing files for tonight when I have parental backup)
Clean Under Bed Done
Find a way to re-attach air conditioner cover.
Move folding table out of room....this may wait til J gets home.

That should be enough for today. I am officially giving myself permission to let the rest of the house sit while I accomplish this goal. Children to be cared for as necessary.

I wish J had brought my camera home from work so I could post a humiliating "before" picture.
Oh well.

Now to get dressed and start working.

I am currently taking a smoke-break to prepare myself for the moving of the desk. Will be chaos for a while. I am making myself not check back in for another hour. I tend to waste a lot of my day smoking on the computer.


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