Monday, July 18, 2005


Since my last post I got sidetracked and started to clean the kitchen. (I am as far as I am going to get in the bedroom without J's help. I can't move that desk by myself with babies underfoot.) Then I noticed it was time to make the little's lunch. Grilled cheese and TOmato Soup.

I threw my toaster away. I bought it eleven years ago for my first apartment. It was white, but now it's kind of yellowy beige with melted bread wrapper on it. It cost twelve dollars. I am convinced I got my money's worth. So today, I am going to finish the kitchen counters, and work on the fridge and cabinets till baby takes a nap, during which time I will shower and prepare to go buy a new toaster. While I wait for the babe to awaken, I will put up the cookbook shelf I bought a week ago.

My reward today for all ths work will be my new toaster. Hoo HAW. Maybe I'll buy a breadbox and set up a toast station on the other side of the kitchen. That should relieve some of the breakfast making congestion in the morning.

Yes, it's an exciting life here at Accidental Housekeeper.


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