Friday, July 22, 2005

Rainy Day At Last

Less sick today, ready to get busy.

It's the perfect kind of summer rainy day here at the Accidental House. Cool and windy, lots of wet, smells so clean. I love it. By the way, when you leave your carseats out in the driveway overnight, they might get wet, rendering you unable to take the kids out of the house at all.

SInce I am stuck here, I decided that I spend entirely too much time doting on the children (it's a good excuse not to get any actual work done.) So I decided I am leaving them to their own devices and actually getting some work done. I'm skipping kid baths today and letting them run around in jammies. That should save me a good hour.

So, without furthur ado, I present my Brain Dump:

First order of bidniss: Finish my bedroom. I am goin to lock those kids up so as to get my desk moved. I boiught a new bedskirt and sheet to go with my new duvet, and about 12 yards of muslin to make curtains out of. The curtains can wait til tomorrow, but the room will be done today.

Next: The laundry room. This room has needed painting since we moved in. Since the mildew on the walls has taken to greeting me in the morning and demanding coffee, I decided it is time. So I will get that room thoroughly cleaned out today and beg JOhn to move the washer and dryer tomorrow so I can paint. TOnight: Scrape. Saturday: Prime. Sunday: Paint and move things back. I better get the laundry done today.

That should be enough for today, if I don't get sidetracked. My stepkids will be showing up today sometime, so I will be able to use their slave labor on the rest of the house. Bwahahaha.


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