Friday, July 22, 2005

Well, the bed got made..

The bedskirt is all wrinkly though....I was sure I bought a queen size skirt but it is way too big. Hopefully big enough for my king size bed I hope to have one day. The duvet is convertable for just that purpose. I couldn't get my files to fit in the desk (long story) so that bitch will just have to wait.
Laundry is almost all done. If I get a second wind I'll start scraping paint. Bastard idiots who owned this house before painted chalky flat latex over a glossy paint, so it's peeling anywhere the mildew isn't holding it up.
Right now I am going to make brownies and slushes with the kids so they'll go away and let me watch battlestar galactica (shut up) in peace.

If anybody is reading this, color suggestions for the laundry room? (don't say white)


Blogger Marti said...

Someone IS reading your blog, reading quite a few of the entries in fact.

And (yeah I know it is grammatically incorrect to start a sentence with "and" so please don't call the grammar police, I'm already on their hit list, but I'm digressing and losing focus LOL) I empathize with all you say.

I’d go with a sunny yellow for the laundry room, because it’s a cheerful color and laundry is such a dreary task.

Also, (sidestepping grammar potholes) it will make the white things look whiter, so instead of comparing themselves to bright white walls and feeling bad, they’ll think proudly, “Gee we’re ever so much whiter than THAT!” LOL!

Best wishes with the blog, I will add you to my list of blogs I like to read!

11:45 AM  
Blogger The Accidental Housekeeper said...

I wish I had read this before I painted. Yellow, in varying intensities, happens to be the color of most of my house. This is the room J showers in so I though t he might like a change of pace. Although the greyish cast of the "soft green" white DOES make the white fixtures look a lot cleaner.

Thanks for stopping by!

1:35 PM  

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