Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Chuck E. Jesus is our Rock

So sayeth the 4 year old superboy.

So a couple of weeks ago I sent the kids to Vacation Bible School every morning for a week. And, while we as yet have not gone to church as a family, I really thought it would be good for them. While I dislike some Christians, what's not to love about Christ? I wish more people in the word were Christ-like. Including me.

Anyway, the theme of thew VBS was "Jesus is our Rock." We have many handmade crafts attesting to this fact. So when I bribed the kids to help me clean the house today in exchange for a trip to Chuck E. Cheese's (which worked amazingly well, file that one for later) Superboy said, "Mama, you know Chucky Jesus is our Rock?"

Maybe it's time for some more Christian education.


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