Monday, August 15, 2005

Random Boring.

I have been waiting to post until I had my computer set up in my office so I could unload my camera and show pictures of said office, plus the exterior paint on my house.

Computer is set up, but J still has to show me how to dump the pics onto it. There is no card-reader on this one. So, a post, but still no pictures.

I have been busy. It's like I'm nesting, which I didn't get to do for my last pregnancy, as she was so early. I think the reality of having a space of my own is causing me to want to make it nice. Hopefully it will last. I actually go nuts in a messy house, which would explain all those prescription meds in the cupboard. I think I have always been nuts, but I've always been messy, too. Chicken? Egg? I don't know. All I know is my bedroom has never been so clean. The office, while full of cast-off furniture and a hulkng treadmill I never use (hopefully I will use it now, I hated working out in the living room,) anyhoo, the office is ever-so organized. I didn't even buy new office supplies, which I usually have to do in order to get motivated to get my sh1t together.


Sorry, I had to take a nap there, as I just re-read the last paragraph. BORING.

Well, no gnus is good gnus, as Gary always said.

Aww,I miss Gary. More later.


Blogger Moveelvr said...

Oh man I miss Gary too!! But you know what I don't miss?? That creepy circus guy...everytime he showed up they played that circus music but not just regular circus music it was like weird dastardly circus...SCARY stuff!!!

10:18 AM  

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