Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Me: 10 Bear: 6

No time for a big long-winded post, I just wanted to pop in and say it's getting better. I am still on the 21mg patch, but my candy consumption is down and I only want to kill people once a day or so.

I'm liking this OK.


Blogger Moveelvr said...

I see many American hamburgers in your future! I bet you're smelling minty fresh!! Keep it up!!

7:29 AM  
Blogger Marti said...

Happy Halloween!

3:58 AM  
Blogger Moveelvr said...

Yes, yes Happy Halloween...what are the kids going as this year?? How goes the smoking? You need to update this mutha!!

"Shootin' at the walls of heartache
Bang, bang, I am the warrior
Yes I am the warrior
And heart to heart you win
If you survive the warrior, the warrior"

...and I'm out!

6:49 PM  

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