Thursday, January 19, 2006

After careful consideration...

I decided that my boy issue requires a three pronged approach.

A- Secretly I'm hoping I can sleep my way to an A in Anatomy, therefore this is why I wonder about the professor. Oh, and he's pretty cute, too.

B-I am so insecure about my appearance right now that I'm grasping at anything to prove to myself that it's not that I'm unattractive, my husband has something wrong with him because we haven't you know.... since before thanksgiving. Which I am good with, because I'm busy. And not at all insecure about my appearance, which I have not heard one compliment on since before I was married. So I am reading things into the expressions of 19 year old man-boys.

C- I talk to the kid from my 2 classes because I have two classes with him. It's not like we discuss our personal lives... we talk about algebra and physiology.

I think I am thinking too much, but not about the right things (like homeostasis for instance.)


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