Saturday, February 04, 2006

My name is AH, and I am a food addict.

I am so psyched about the superbowl.

I never thought I would say that, because we don't typically watch football here at the Accidental House,. But seeing as how we have a high def TV now and the Seahawks are in it, husband wants to watch it. Which, normally, meh. But I discovered something. Superbowl food. Namely, all the Que Bueno and chips and salsa and buffalo chicken nuggets I can eat tomorrow. I suppose I can do this every day, but tomorrow I give myself full permission to be a total glutton without fear of damage to my self-esteem. I'm not saying that come Monday morning I won't be beating myself up, but it's kind of like going home with a guy with every intention of gettin it on and not thinking twice about what a fat slut I'll feel like the next day. LIBERATING, I tell you.

Since things are a little tight here right now (including my jeans), I'm sticking with processed cheese tomorrow, and I think husband plans on buying three 36 piece chicken fries from BK. The kids will get what we drop on the floor. But after three weeks of lean cuisine, I am going to go into fantasy mode and list all the crap I would like to gorge myself on, in no particular order.

Cajun Fries with cheddar cheese melted on them and a side of (NOT sweet, dill) tartar sauce.

A cheeseburger with a little ketchup & mustard, dill pickles and a slice of grilled pineapple.

A gigantic bowl of freshly steamed artichoke hearts. ( I know, one of these things is not like the others)

Boneless buffalo chicken from black angus, with that cucumber ranch they make there.

A ribeye steak, medium rare, with gorgonzola butter and horseradish.

1,000 gummi worms (not sour, not bears)

Movie theater popcorn, extra butter.

Gorgonzola and grilled pear salad, with carmelized pecans and pear vinagrette, from ICON.

Bodega Norton 2002 Reserve malbec + 1 warm loaf of sourdough bread + lightly salted butter

Homemade Hummus, heavy on the garlic.

Speaking of garlic, twelve roasted heads of garlic on a baguette with cream cheese.

About twelve crab legs, fresh, hot and shelled and a pot of garlic butter with lemon.

Bagna Cauda (This makes for a perfectly romantic Valentine's day dinner, if anyone who cares is reading this. Add the Bodega Norton and bread from above, and you will get lucky. This plus a baby sitter is all I want.)

I can't really think of anything else in particular, except maybe a grilled mozzarella-tomato-and- basil sandwich on whole-wheat sourdough with a bowl of Laura's minestrone soup.

Feel free to add your favorites, or to call my husband with my V-day wish. I don't know, maybe my husband reads this. If he does, I'd like to give him a shout out for how he woke me up from my nap today. I mean, really. MAN.

(Sorry Jeff, TMI, I know.)


Blogger Marti said...


Loved your luscious list!

We had ourselves a fine ol' pig-out as well...ahhhh.....

I have a bunch of little banana-split dishes (oval, kind of flat) and we make individual nacho dips for everyone. We put a glob of warm refried beans in the center, picante sauce on one end, melted nacho cheese on the other end, sprinkle it all with black olives and shredded cheddar, and serve with corn chips for dipping.

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