Monday, August 22, 2005

I love the Internet.

Been a little while since I posted. It's been a busy week here. Still can't get the photos onto the proper computer for uploading, so no pics yet.

In my last post, self-pity was the special of the day. And my favorite bloggers all piped up to comfort me. I love you guys so much.

I was going to let this go, but I keep thinking about it. I even called Moveelvr shortly after it happened because it was so timely.

My only friend I've known as long as Moveelvr is Jennifer. We've always been very close, and she runs a pretty consistent #2 in my best friend rankings. It was pretty much my friendship with her I was referring to in the last post. I was speaking in general terms, however, but now it seems so apropriate.

Thursday was her birthday. I forgot it (well, I didn't forget her birthday, I just wasn't paying attention to what the date actually was last week. I do that sometimes, I'm unemployed.)
So at about 5 in the afternoon I call her to see how she's doing, and a strange man answeres the phone. The convo goes like this.

Man: Hello?
AH: Is Jen there?
Man: No she's not.
AH: Oh, this is AH, do you know when she'll be back?
Man: OH hi, AH, this is (that guy that's married to her peripheral friend from work). The party should be getting started in about an hour or so. I'm just blowing up balloons with the kids right now.
AH: ........uh, OK. Maybe I'll see you later.
Man: BuhBYE!!

And then I waited for my invitation to the party. She never called.

Is it worse to forget someone's birthday or is it worse not to invite your oldest friend to your party?

Like I told Moveelvr, I'm sure it wasn't an intentionsl "Let's not invite Accidental Housekeeper."

I imagine it was more along the lines of forgetting to invite me, and a more secure person would have shown up anyway. I know, intellectually, that it would have been no big deal, I could have laughed it off (or she might not have even remembered not inviting me.) But I didn't really want to go, for all the reasons I spoke of in my last post. I also really expected a phone call at some point in the last few days. Nada.

So, on the scale of top ten things that matter, this incident really doesn't even make the cut. It still stung, though.

I still haven't gotten her a present, but that's mostly due to lack of time and available cash. I kind of blew my wad getting the kids and myself ready for a wedding we went to Saturday. I know I still should get her one, and maybe take her out to dinner. I know she didn't exclude me on purpose, and if she did it's because she suspected I wouldn't come.

I just needed to get that off my chest. I wish you all lived here near me, even though where I live is kind of a boring place.

Those damn kids are now demanding breakfast, of all things. I best go.

And I really am OK about this kind of thing. Thankfully I'm too busy to dwell.


Blogger JB said...

Ran across your blog today. I love the tagline.

That's an ackward situation with the birthday. Hope there aren't any hard feelings.

I like your site - I'm sure I'll be back

11:55 AM  
Blogger Marti said...

Good attitude!

Proud of you for not being paranoid or negative (it ain't easy, boy I know - LOL!)

Daughter was having a fit this morning and I reminded her that we cannot control the actions of others, only ourselves (then warned her to do it quickly or there'd be no phoning friends tonight LOL)

11:40 AM  

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