Thursday, February 23, 2006

Chatting with 18 year old boys and pimping out my kids.

me: how'd you do on the prac­tic­al?
Sent at 7:27 pm on Thursday
Jesse: i did well
me: awesome
Jesse: 49.5/49
me: get out
Jesse: it was tough tho compared to the other ones i thought
me: that's so great... how did you do that??
Jesse: went on a 48 hour caffeine binge and studied nonstop lol
me: I saw you jonesing on test day
why don't you just go to medical school?
Jesse: i dont know
never really thought about it
me: you're young enough... and smart enough
seven years from now you could be pulling $200,000 a year
Jesse: yeah
me: Physical ther­ap­ists make bank, too
Jesse: yeah
and phar­macists
me: that's only a master's degree
Jesse: thats what my bro is doing
that was my first option, physical therapy
me: I did some of the interior design for the Westside physical therapy people's new house...
Their indoor pool has a re­tract­able roof made of glass.
Jesse: whoa
me: Yeah, they make tons of money
Jesse: crazy!
me: compared to $50K or so as a rad tech, it might be worth looking in to
Jesse: well thats still an option yeah, because at least i will have my anatomy and phys part out of the way
me: well, whatever gets you out of the radiology pool... you know, less com­pet­i­tion for
Jesse: lol
true true
nudge why dont you do physical therapy nicole? wink
me: you don't have to worry about me... I'll be lucky to top a C in A&P
Jesse: man
i know u could pull an A out of there
u must have alot going on
you did so well in 109
me: 4 kids, remember
Jesse: yah
me: Here is my old lady advice for you...
get done with school and buy a house before you get married or have kids
and floss
Jesse: lol
you're not the first to tell me that
but yes, i agree, this is what i must do
me: They told me that too when I was your age (ha ha I never thought I would say that_
but I thought it would be cooler to learn a trade...
Jesse: haha
me: Just sick of people crying if their carpet didn't match their couch...
Jesse: lol
me: I found my self saying "We're not saving lives here, people"
Jesse: my girl­friend's mom was an interior designer too
me: So I thought, heck, why aren't I?
Jesse: yeah
me: Some people love it but I just got so sick of rich people whining
Jesse: yah i dont think i could handle that either
me: Of course I almost cried when I painted my living room...
so I guess I'm not one to talk trash
It was supposed to be tan but turned out yellow
boo hoo
Jesse: dang
u should come design the inside of my parents house here
itrealy needs it
me: LOL I would but I need to go write a speech for tomorrow and finish my math homework.
Jesse: oh yah math homework
that last test kicked my ass
me: me too
Jesse: i was doing well on everything else tho
me: my own fault for not doing my homework
Jesse: yah i wasnt really doing it either
i was too busy working on biology and neg­lect­ing my math homeowrk
i must do well on the next test
me: I think I'l;l be stuck with a B in that one.. I may take it over this summer
Jesse: whats your grade in there do you tink?
me: I'm sitting on a C plus right now, and I don't think that test helped any.
Jesse: my midterm was a B+, but i fear it may have dropped due to the last test
i didnt even ge tto finish [frown]
me: A&P just sucks the life out of you
Jesse: literally
i quit my job too
me: Yeah, everybody thought that test was too long...
you did?
Jesse: yeah
it was getting in the way of school
me: I couldn't imagine working and doing school at the same time..
Jesse: i was doing fine for about 3 weeks into the quarter
me: I did it 13 years ago but I dropped out so there you go
Jesse: then they made me work all superbowl weekend, including during the super bow, plus i had a lab practical to study for THAT monday
me: Yeah, I wouldv'e quit before the su­per­bowl, though
Jesse: well its not so bad because i live with my parents so its not like i need moeny too bad
me: Yeah,
here's more old lady advice...
never move out of your parents house.
Jesse: lol
i dont really want to to be honest, even if i had a good job, i enjoy having free food and shelter, plus i dont like being alone
me: make them move if they want to be rid of you
Jesse: but i know i will want to when i get married
me: lol
Yeah, that would be awkward..
Jesse: indeed
until then i can just save up money and enjoy the benefits of not paying for anything
me: you're a wise one jesse, wise beyond your years
Jesse: well i had a reality check and got my act together this past year, just dont want to fool around ya know?
me: Good thing you figured it out early.. a lot of people don't. OK, I need to go see why my kids are scream­ing... talk to you later
Jesse: they wanted me to play bas­ket­ball for YVCC but i told them no because that would not help me get anywhere
me: That was a really mature de­cision..
Jesse: even tho its fun
4 kids lol
i can just ima­gine...
me: It's a zoo
Jesse: my parents complain about having 3 kids lol
me: Four is fun as they get older... but when they are babies it is so hard..
Jesse: yeah
so ive heard
how old are your kids nicole?
me: 10, 8, 5 and almost 2. The older one's are my step kids but they live with me most of the time.
Jesse: ahh
they are getting up there
wait till they are TEENS lol
me: yeah, stay single and in a few uears you can date my step-daugh­ter lol
Jesse: LOL
me: not til she's 20 though
Jesse: ehh yeah, ive already got my hands full with my girl­friend i have now lol, but thanks lol
me: Yeah, they do take a lot of time...
K, I really need to go now.. see you tomorrow!
Jesse: alright goodnight


Blogger Moveelvr said...

You so crazy!

On a completely unrelated note...we have a little snow here this morning....what the??!?!!

7:34 AM  
Blogger Moveelvr said...

I'm gonna be in Yakima on the 25th doing some video stuff for my sister..perhaps we can get together and talk about commercial ideas??

7:37 AM  
Blogger The Accidental Housekeeper said...

Sounds good, I think John may need something sooner because we have a deadline to get the commercial on air (we did a trade with stuff.) But we definately want your ideas at any rate. (as long as that rate is $0 an hour.)

10:39 AM  

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