Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rude and thoughtless

So today was my last real day at work. I do need to go back tomorrow to oppen the door for someone, but I'm done. YAY!

Earlier today, I got to revisit a painful moment.

I was sitting in the car at an intersection today and I glanced to the car next to me, seeing a woman I had met before, maybe four or five years ago. And I remembered meeting her at my work, and she had with her what appeared to be the cutest, most precocious and articulate 2 year old I had ever seen. She was two feet tall and maybe 20 pounds, wore glasses and had impossibly long dark hair. So , in the course of conversation, I asked how old she was. She was FIVE.

The lady explained that she had been rescued from drug addicted parents when she was two and weighed twelve pounds. I was polite, and didn't ask questions, but complimented her on how smart she was, and was in general very nice. And then I saw them later in the day at Sears. Because the lady and I didn't chat long before, and because I am not nearly so remarkable as this beautiful child, I think she didn't recognize me (I hope she didn't). While approaching them I said "SHe's just so sweet, i just want to grab her and take her home." WHich was a really thoughtless, stupid thing to say. She grabbed her little girl and said "get away from us!" and ran away.

I was so mortified, I just left the store myself. I had totally blocked that whole experience out until I saw her today. And felt mortified all over again.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Is this thing on?

So, let's call it a 6 month Sabbatical. While I went to school and worked.

So much has happened.
So little has changed.

First up: My job is ending at the end of March. The corporation is closing my branch. I'm fine with that. Hopefully I can draw unemployment this spring and summer. If not, I have two interviews for design jobs lined up. Which is exactly what I don't want to do anymore. So, here's hoping I can get on the dole. With any luck I can keep Maddie in child care and pursue some "me" things for a couple of months. We'll see...

I dropped 5 of my credits this quarter as I was JUST TOO BUSY. And I am hopelessly behind in the remaining classes. But finals are coming up and I just may pull it out in time.

My health is giving me a tough run lately, and it has everything to do with bad genes and bad eating habits. Must cut out the processed wheat and corn and sugar.

I really should get on with making dinner. Nobody checks this anymore I am sure, but just in case: I'll be back later.