Thursday, February 23, 2006

Chatting with 18 year old boys and pimping out my kids.

me: how'd you do on the prac­tic­al?
Sent at 7:27 pm on Thursday
Jesse: i did well
me: awesome
Jesse: 49.5/49
me: get out
Jesse: it was tough tho compared to the other ones i thought
me: that's so great... how did you do that??
Jesse: went on a 48 hour caffeine binge and studied nonstop lol
me: I saw you jonesing on test day
why don't you just go to medical school?
Jesse: i dont know
never really thought about it
me: you're young enough... and smart enough
seven years from now you could be pulling $200,000 a year
Jesse: yeah
me: Physical ther­ap­ists make bank, too
Jesse: yeah
and phar­macists
me: that's only a master's degree
Jesse: thats what my bro is doing
that was my first option, physical therapy
me: I did some of the interior design for the Westside physical therapy people's new house...
Their indoor pool has a re­tract­able roof made of glass.
Jesse: whoa
me: Yeah, they make tons of money
Jesse: crazy!
me: compared to $50K or so as a rad tech, it might be worth looking in to
Jesse: well thats still an option yeah, because at least i will have my anatomy and phys part out of the way
me: well, whatever gets you out of the radiology pool... you know, less com­pet­i­tion for
Jesse: lol
true true
nudge why dont you do physical therapy nicole? wink
me: you don't have to worry about me... I'll be lucky to top a C in A&P
Jesse: man
i know u could pull an A out of there
u must have alot going on
you did so well in 109
me: 4 kids, remember
Jesse: yah
me: Here is my old lady advice for you...
get done with school and buy a house before you get married or have kids
and floss
Jesse: lol
you're not the first to tell me that
but yes, i agree, this is what i must do
me: They told me that too when I was your age (ha ha I never thought I would say that_
but I thought it would be cooler to learn a trade...
Jesse: haha
me: Just sick of people crying if their carpet didn't match their couch...
Jesse: lol
me: I found my self saying "We're not saving lives here, people"
Jesse: my girl­friend's mom was an interior designer too
me: So I thought, heck, why aren't I?
Jesse: yeah
me: Some people love it but I just got so sick of rich people whining
Jesse: yah i dont think i could handle that either
me: Of course I almost cried when I painted my living room...
so I guess I'm not one to talk trash
It was supposed to be tan but turned out yellow
boo hoo
Jesse: dang
u should come design the inside of my parents house here
itrealy needs it
me: LOL I would but I need to go write a speech for tomorrow and finish my math homework.
Jesse: oh yah math homework
that last test kicked my ass
me: me too
Jesse: i was doing well on everything else tho
me: my own fault for not doing my homework
Jesse: yah i wasnt really doing it either
i was too busy working on biology and neg­lect­ing my math homeowrk
i must do well on the next test
me: I think I'l;l be stuck with a B in that one.. I may take it over this summer
Jesse: whats your grade in there do you tink?
me: I'm sitting on a C plus right now, and I don't think that test helped any.
Jesse: my midterm was a B+, but i fear it may have dropped due to the last test
i didnt even ge tto finish [frown]
me: A&P just sucks the life out of you
Jesse: literally
i quit my job too
me: Yeah, everybody thought that test was too long...
you did?
Jesse: yeah
it was getting in the way of school
me: I couldn't imagine working and doing school at the same time..
Jesse: i was doing fine for about 3 weeks into the quarter
me: I did it 13 years ago but I dropped out so there you go
Jesse: then they made me work all superbowl weekend, including during the super bow, plus i had a lab practical to study for THAT monday
me: Yeah, I wouldv'e quit before the su­per­bowl, though
Jesse: well its not so bad because i live with my parents so its not like i need moeny too bad
me: Yeah,
here's more old lady advice...
never move out of your parents house.
Jesse: lol
i dont really want to to be honest, even if i had a good job, i enjoy having free food and shelter, plus i dont like being alone
me: make them move if they want to be rid of you
Jesse: but i know i will want to when i get married
me: lol
Yeah, that would be awkward..
Jesse: indeed
until then i can just save up money and enjoy the benefits of not paying for anything
me: you're a wise one jesse, wise beyond your years
Jesse: well i had a reality check and got my act together this past year, just dont want to fool around ya know?
me: Good thing you figured it out early.. a lot of people don't. OK, I need to go see why my kids are scream­ing... talk to you later
Jesse: they wanted me to play bas­ket­ball for YVCC but i told them no because that would not help me get anywhere
me: That was a really mature de­cision..
Jesse: even tho its fun
4 kids lol
i can just ima­gine...
me: It's a zoo
Jesse: my parents complain about having 3 kids lol
me: Four is fun as they get older... but when they are babies it is so hard..
Jesse: yeah
so ive heard
how old are your kids nicole?
me: 10, 8, 5 and almost 2. The older one's are my step kids but they live with me most of the time.
Jesse: ahh
they are getting up there
wait till they are TEENS lol
me: yeah, stay single and in a few uears you can date my step-daugh­ter lol
Jesse: LOL
me: not til she's 20 though
Jesse: ehh yeah, ive already got my hands full with my girl­friend i have now lol, but thanks lol
me: Yeah, they do take a lot of time...
K, I really need to go now.. see you tomorrow!
Jesse: alright goodnight

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Randomness while I study...

10:49 PM
Neil Diamond's "Forever in Blue Jeans" is the most romantic song EVER.

10:52 PM
Except for the lyric "Honey's sweet, but it ain't nothin next to Baby's treat."
That's just...eewww.

"I was wrong, now I find, just one thing makes me forget... red, red wine.."
Yes, he's 80 years old but I would still throw my panties at him.

11:55 PM

7.5 hours till the freakin' hell day of tests. aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhh

A pox on my house.

I got a 90 on my lecture exam last week. YAY ME!! However...

I don't know who I pissed off, but it seems there has been a pox placed on my home. Maybe it was that kirby salesman who I yelled at through the door to go away last week.

I have another stupid lab practical wednesday. I have had two weeks to learn 350 terms relating to the skeletal system. I know about fifty.
I have to give a speech friday, and I left my outline open in word without saving it. You know what happened.
I have a math test wednesday as well as a speech test, also.


My two littlest have chicken pox.

BTW, did I mention I got a 90 on my lecture exam last week?

You take the good you take the bad you take them both and there you have the facts of life, the facts of life.

A pox, I tell you!

Saturday, February 18, 2006


I cleaned my house and cleared it of children and husband to host a study group today. Understand that this took amazing feats of organization and whining, things I am typically not capable of. (well, the whining part I can do, but usually to no effect.)

I posted on the biology board my address, the times, promises of snacks....



This is exactly why I hate to make plans.

Now I must go sooth my husband as he was rather unhappy to be kicked out of the house with kids in tow for five hours.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Whew!....and EWWW

After an all-star cramming session, I made it in to take my exam. I think I did fine, but I no longer care because since leaving school today I have been attacked by the worst stomach flu in the history of the world. So bad that I suffered through Maddie's dentist appointment with clenched cheeks, made it home in time to vomit into a grocery bag and told John he had to come home from work.





Both littles had it this weekend, and they were each over it in 24 hours. I hope to God I make it that long.

Monday, February 13, 2006

It is time...

For the Anatomy and Physiology exam freak-out. 16 Hours to go.

Fortunately, I have some Xanax.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I found the secret to productivity...

It's called PROCRASTINATION. Really. Let me show you why..

While putting off doing A&P homework, I have:

Gotten my office totally organized.

Ditto bills, park association stuff.

Got completely caught up on Math and Speech homework.

Planned my schedule not only for next quarter, but also a contingency schedule for the next two years should I not get accepted into the Rad Tech program and need to apply to WSU nursing school.

Cleaned and rearranged my bedroom.

Caught up on laundry (ok, the babysitter and the kids did that but I pay them (ok,with my husbands money)) (((Get off my back)))

Managed to communicate to my husband exactly what I want for Valentine's day (see previous post.)

Caught up on all the movies I ever wanted to see.

Got a serious bikini wax. Seriously.

Cleaned the bathroom.

Updated my blog more than twice this month.

So as you can tell, as long is there is something worse to do, all of my other work will get done. Hmmm.

I think my next project will be getting a job cleaning out septic tanks. With my tongue. Putting that off should get me an "A" in A&P for sure.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

My name is AH, and I am a food addict.

I am so psyched about the superbowl.

I never thought I would say that, because we don't typically watch football here at the Accidental House,. But seeing as how we have a high def TV now and the Seahawks are in it, husband wants to watch it. Which, normally, meh. But I discovered something. Superbowl food. Namely, all the Que Bueno and chips and salsa and buffalo chicken nuggets I can eat tomorrow. I suppose I can do this every day, but tomorrow I give myself full permission to be a total glutton without fear of damage to my self-esteem. I'm not saying that come Monday morning I won't be beating myself up, but it's kind of like going home with a guy with every intention of gettin it on and not thinking twice about what a fat slut I'll feel like the next day. LIBERATING, I tell you.

Since things are a little tight here right now (including my jeans), I'm sticking with processed cheese tomorrow, and I think husband plans on buying three 36 piece chicken fries from BK. The kids will get what we drop on the floor. But after three weeks of lean cuisine, I am going to go into fantasy mode and list all the crap I would like to gorge myself on, in no particular order.

Cajun Fries with cheddar cheese melted on them and a side of (NOT sweet, dill) tartar sauce.

A cheeseburger with a little ketchup & mustard, dill pickles and a slice of grilled pineapple.

A gigantic bowl of freshly steamed artichoke hearts. ( I know, one of these things is not like the others)

Boneless buffalo chicken from black angus, with that cucumber ranch they make there.

A ribeye steak, medium rare, with gorgonzola butter and horseradish.

1,000 gummi worms (not sour, not bears)

Movie theater popcorn, extra butter.

Gorgonzola and grilled pear salad, with carmelized pecans and pear vinagrette, from ICON.

Bodega Norton 2002 Reserve malbec + 1 warm loaf of sourdough bread + lightly salted butter

Homemade Hummus, heavy on the garlic.

Speaking of garlic, twelve roasted heads of garlic on a baguette with cream cheese.

About twelve crab legs, fresh, hot and shelled and a pot of garlic butter with lemon.

Bagna Cauda (This makes for a perfectly romantic Valentine's day dinner, if anyone who cares is reading this. Add the Bodega Norton and bread from above, and you will get lucky. This plus a baby sitter is all I want.)

I can't really think of anything else in particular, except maybe a grilled mozzarella-tomato-and- basil sandwich on whole-wheat sourdough with a bowl of Laura's minestrone soup.

Feel free to add your favorites, or to call my husband with my V-day wish. I don't know, maybe my husband reads this. If he does, I'd like to give him a shout out for how he woke me up from my nap today. I mean, really. MAN.

(Sorry Jeff, TMI, I know.)