Thursday, November 17, 2005

Almost done!

Only two weeks to go before final exams. I am dangerously close to an A minus in two of my classes, must get them up before the end of the quarter.

I am not a perfectionist, I just need straight A's (or pretty dang near) to have any hope of being accepted into the Rad Tech program. I was happy with my B plus in chemistry last spring but now that I know how many people are competing for so few openings I am starting to sweat it and I'm considering taking it over again to try and improve my GPA.

In other news, I am starving financially. Moving our store to the more upscale location has been good for business, but we've yet to see a paycheck. With holidays coming I feel the strain more acutely: not just presents, but my house starts to look really shoddy and I want to do things like pay someone to clean my carpets really well or replace the tile in the shower. These are dreams never to be, at this point I will be lucky to be able to pay for the thanksgiving dinner my parents tricked us into having. ("We're going out of town for Thanksgiving, you should invite your brother over." And then "oh, we aren't leaving until friday, so we'll join you." ) Maybe that's an exaggeration, but I'm off the patch because I can't afford it and I've been putting gas into my car $5.00 at a time. I even stopped paying to park at school, instead opting to walk ten blocks and be late for class instead. (Sure, you say I could leave earlier, but you don't pay my babysitter now, do you?)

Yet I must remind myself thatI have food (albeit no goodies) a warm place to live, a healthy family, at the risk of sounding like a spoilt brat. (which I am)

It's kicking into high gear here for finals time, so I may not post again until December. Happy Thanksgiving and count your blessings. Send cranberries.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy All Hallow's Day, cause I forgot to post on the eve, and many days before that.

To quote moveelvr "You need to update this mutha!"


What I have been up to is not smoking (still, wahoo), and sexual reproduction. In biology. Sheesh. Pervs.

Although I find it hilarious (because, you know, I'm a twelve year old boy ) that the last five times I've spoken in class I've gotten to use the word gonads repeatedly. GONADS. Look it up, it's scientific. And also? Testicles? is slang. THE PROPER TERM IS TESTES. Really, look it up. I'll wait.

Done? Okay then, moving on.

Tomorrow: Halloween pictures. A hint: one of my kids is a cross dresser.

Today: A question for all y'alls. What is a polite way to tell a ten year old girl who lives in my house that dreams are only interesting to the people who have them? And listening? to your dreams? for HOURS? makes me want to poke my eardrums out? And to get paid enough to listen to anybody else's dreams would require a master's degree that I simply don't have the time to acheive?


OK, get back to me.

I just finished writing a terrific little paper for my biology seminar about firewalking and spontaneous human combustion. Fascinating stuff.

NOT. (See, not only am I twelve but I am a twelve year old boy circa 1991.)

In other news, all I ever do is homework. Well, homework and Tivo. Let's be realistic. Tivo and me, we have a special relationship. He's there when I need him. I love me some Tivo. wooooweeee. Damn.