Friday, September 02, 2005

My airplane Broke.

In better news, I wasn't on it yet.

After waiting at the local airport for over an hour (which is a lot to wait here, only one airline) we were told our flight would be delayed two hours, which messed up our connecting flight. So we're back at home, and we'll leave at 5:15 AM. Yikes. I am more disappointed at the early hour than at not flying tonight. I laughed when they told us. I also got a lot of glares, but oh, well. I was just happy it didn't break mid-flight. So I get to Reno 12 hours later than expected, no big deal, as I will be sleeping for at least half of those.

My folks still have the kids so John went to go get ice cream and we're going to watch Million Dollar Baby on pay-per-view. Good times.

I feel like I should be more upset about this, because John is, but I am relishing the down time. Although I am contemplating cleaning up kids' bedrooms tonight instead of watching a movie. Nah, it's lazy time for me. Yippee!


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